identity design
Identity design communicates

...competitive differentiation for an organization, product or service through
visual design, naming, messaging and nomenclature.
It integrates business strategies, brand strategies, and attributes,
and then skillfully expresses those qualities to create a unique and
memorable position for the client in the marketplace.

Interaction design...

uses organization and navigation techniques to create consistent,
ntuitive cues for moving around within two-dimensional
environments such as mobile interfaces, Web sites and software applications.
It integrates business strategies with user requirements
to generate solutions that help users accomplish
goals, such as finding relevant content,
buying things or filling out complex forms.

Good design...

starts by discovering what motivates your audience,
what their goals and behaviors are.
We work alongside business leaders to uncover
new insights and opportunities,
combining research, analysis, technology,
and design to visualize new scenarios for connecting
with basic human behaviors and needs.
We then engage in developing and delivering
new brand, service, and product offerings.